Custom Hardware Solutions

BG Systems can provide rapid solutions to customer driven requirements. Listed below are some projects that required custom designed hardware.

Lockheed Martin Perry Technologies, Florida, USA

Perry Technologies (a division of Lockheed Martin) requested a custom control set to use with a submersible ROV. This application uses a JFx joystick in a custom enclosure which includes the LV824 circuit board from the FlyBox and CerealBox. This systems is controlling the Remote Minehunting System (RMS) which is now being deployed on six Arleigh Burke class destroyers and the new Littoral Combat System ship.


Boeing C-17 and B1-B, California

The Boeing Company in Long Beach California had a requirement for a set of controls and interface hardware for use with a C-17 simulator. In order to respond to this request BG Systems created a custom Data Module to allow pilot and co-pilot stations to communicate with two computers which were running the simulation. Following the installation in the C-17 simulator, an order was placed for this equipment for use by the B1-B simulator group.