The CerealBox® is a small I/O device that uses the RS-232 serial protocol to transfer data to and from the serial port of a host computer. It can be used for both inputs and, optionally, outputs. It is used to sample (drive) analog and digital devices. It can be used for data acquisition, and as an interface between cockpit hardware and the host.

The CerealBox is a self contained unit that plugs into an AC power supply and comes with a cable for connection to the serial port of the host. Cables and connectors for the analog and digital I/O signals are not provided. The CerealBox is small; it can be conveniently placed near the analog device, with a simple 3 conductor cable running to the host.

The analog input channels can be programmed individually for different input voltages. Four input ranges can be sampled: 0 to +5 vDC, 0 to +10 vDC, -5 to +5 vDc and -10 to +10 vDC.

The CerealBox is available in several configurations. The LV824-E has eight analog inputs and 24 digital inputs. The CerealBox can be ordered with digital and analog output capabilities, and can also be supplied with 24 bit encoder counters. These configurations are listed below:

For the LV824-F, LV824-G and LV824-H, the 24 digital channels can be split between inputs and outputs in groups of 8. The LV824-G provides three analog outputs, and the LV824-H provides 8 analog outputs. The number of channels to be sampled, and the configuration of digital channels as inputs and/or outputs is determined by the software. To attain optimal update rates you should only sample channels that are connected.

The CerealBox can be supplied with 24 bit encoder counters which are available with any version of the CerealBox, and can be ordered as a set of 4 or 8 counters. The encoder counters can be sampled as either absolute values, or as incremental values. The encoders, which are not provided, connect to AMP jacks in the side of the CerealBox.

The compact size, ease of use, and convenient installation, make the CerealBox an excellent choice for the interface between external input / output devices and a host computer.