Technical Details


Analog Channels Resolution Range
Inputs A 8 12 bit 0-5 to -10 to +10 vDC
Inputs B 8 10 bi t 0-32 vDC
8 12 bit 0-5 vDC
Inputs 108 0.8 vDC 3.5 vDC
Outputs 108 0.1 vDc 3.3 vDC

Communications Protocol

RS-232/RS422 serial protocol without hardware handshaking, supported by most operating systems.
USB 2.0 Full speed.


The dimensions of the case are 5.5” x 4” x 1” (140 x 100 x 25mm). Weight is 10 oz.

Power Supply

The CerealBox2 is shipped with a 400 mAmp 9 vDC wall-plug power supply. The power connector is center pin positive. A second connector on the CerealBox2 accepts regulated 5 vDC power. Operating current is 200 mA.

Cables and Connection

The CerealBox2 is connected to the computer with a 6 foot USB or 25 foot serial cable. The standard serial cable provided is a PC-DB-9 “null-modem” cable.
Connections are as shown:

DW Connections

Software Interface

Source code, written in C, is provided on CD and includes all functions needed to configure and sample the CerealBox2. The software is fully compatible with BG Systems FlyBox® and the original CerealBox, which allows actual vehicle controls to be connected to the CerealBox2 as a direct replacement for a FlyBox.

Platforms Supported

The CerealBox2 has been tested on Unix, Linux, Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms.

Update Rates

Depending on the baud rate, and channels being sampled, update rates between 30-200 Hz can be achieved.
In USB mode update rates of 1 KHz can be sustained.

FLASH Memory

On board FLASH memory can be used for firmware upgrades and storing parameters.

Baud Rate Supported

The CerealBox2 can communicate at RS-232/RS-422 baud rates between 2400 and 115200 bps.


Twenty four months.