The CerealBox2 is a small I/O device that uses either USB or the RS-232 serial protocol to transfer data to and from a host computer. It can be used for both inputs and outputs, and is used to sample (drive) analog and digital devices. It can be used for data aquisition and as an interface between I/O hardware and the host.
A key benefit of the CerealBox2 is the dual host interface. In RS-232 mode, it can directly replace existing BG Systems’ products based on the LV824. In USB mode it is a plug and play device which can either be use the standard HID interface or the source code library can be used to develop custom software interfaces to the CerealBox2.

The CerealBox2 is a self contained unit that plugs into an AC power supply and comes with a cable to connect it to a USB or serial port on the host – all you have to provide are cables for the analog and digital I/O signals. The small size of the CerealBox2 means that it can be conveniently placed near the analog device, with the cable running to the host.

The base model (DW16-108-J) has eight 12 bit analog inputs, eight 10 bit analog inputs and 108 general purpose I/O (GPIO). Optionally, the digital channels can be set to outputs, and analog output channels can be added. To any of the models listed six 24-bit encoder counters can be added. The number of channels to be sampled, the baud rate, and the configuration of the GPIO are all set in software. The default analog input voltage range is 0 to 5 vDC. Voltage ranges 0 to +10 vDC, -5 to +5 vDC and -10 to +10 vDC can be selected in software.

The compact size, ease of use, and convenience of installation make the CerealBox an excellent choice for the interface between external I/O devices and a host computer.