Fmt Mini Force Transducer

Technical Details


Vcc 5.00 vDC
Output Voltage 35% to 65% Vcc +/- 2%
Center Voltage 50% Vcc +/- 2%
Output Current 10 mA max
Supply Current 16 mA (at 5 vDC Vc


Weight 0.1 lbs
Length 1.25”
Below Panel 0.75”
Diameter 0.5”
Shaft Diameter 3/8”
Activation Force +/- 2.0 lb


Operating Temperature -70°C to 80°C
Storage Temperature -70°C to 80°C
Operating Humidity Less than 95%

Environmental Qualification

Test MIL-STD Method
Temperature 810G 501.5
Vibration 810G 514.6
Humidity 810G 507.5
Immersion 810G 512.5

Immersion to IP68


External casing is stainless steel. Output shaft is a 2.2mm hardened Berylium Copper onto which a variety of knobs can be mounted.


The force applied to the joystick is measured by silicon strain gauges mounted as a bridge. It provides output voltage through a signal conditioning amplifier. The centering repeatability error is less than 0.5%.


The Fmt is mounted either with a lock nut into a 1/4” mounting hole.


With no moving parts the life of the mechanical system has no limit.


The standard is a hat style anodized aluminum knob. Other options for one or two finger operation are available upon request.

Part Number Description
Fmt-b 2 axis, no knob
Fmt-h 2 axis, hat
Fmt-i 2 axis, inverted


The Fmt joysticks carry a 2 year warranty from the date of installation in customer equipment.