JFx Ethernet Option
TCP/IP Ethernet Option

BG Systems has added a new integrated ethernet capability for both the JFx joystick and the G1 Grip.
The ethernet option allows the JFx or G1 Grip to function on a network.
The grip contains a small circuit board (ARM824) which performs A/D processing and communicates with socket API on the host computer.

Key Features


The Ethernet circuit board (ARM-824) is a small (50mm x 30mm) board with an ARM microcontroller. It is built into either the grip or the lower part of a full size JFx joystick.


Power to the ARM824 is provided from the host via the ethernet cable using Power over Ethernet.


The connector on the ARM824 is an RJ-45 ethernet connector.

Custom Software

If you have the need for customized software, this can be provided for a nominal charge for new firmware programming.


The ARM824 uses an ARM Cortex micro-controller. There is also a 12-bit A/D converter to handle up to 8 analog inputs. There are connectors for up to 24 digital inputs.

Socket Protocol

Communication with the host is with the standard ethernet TCP/IP socket protocol. For PC systems the Winsock2 API is used.
You can also use system libraries to write your own software to communicate with the ARM824.