JFx Joystick
JFx Joystick

Technical Specifications


The motion mechanism is based on two gimbals machined from solid aluminum alloy blocks. The gimbals rotate about hardened stainless steel shafts and shielded ball bearings. All internal parts are anodized aluminum, stainless steel or delrin.

JFx Mechanical


The grip is made cast aluminum and is ambidextrous. The standard grip has a single position trigger. A two position trigger is available as an option, and various thumb actuated switches can be mounted. For example, momentary pushbuttons, two position buttons and 4-position coolie-hat switches can be mounted. A proportional rocker in the thumb position can be added to add an analog channel. The proportional rocker can be mounted with friction hold or spring centering, and either left/right or up/down.


In every axis the position of the stick is picked up by a magnetic Hall Effect sensor, which provides output voltage through a signal conditioning amplifier. The sensing system is contactless (see photograph), which improves performance over extended periods. The centering repeatability error is less than 0.5%.

JFx Electronics

Mounting & Connectors

The joystick is mounted with 4 bolts in a 3.8" cutout. Under panel depth requirement is 3.5", including the connector.

The standard connector is a DB-15, which carries power to the stick and the output signals.



The JFx series joysticks carry a 2 year warranty from the date of installation in customer equipment.