JFx USB Option
USB HID Option

BG Systems has added a new integrated USB capability for both the JFx joystick and the G1 Grip.
The USB option allows the JFx or G1 Grip to function as a USB Human Interface Device (HID). Power to the system comes from the host computer USB bus. Outputs from the system are obtained from the USB drivers built in to Linux, Windows XP and Macintosh OS X operating systems.
The grip contains a small circuit board (DW824) which performs A/D processing and communicates with the HID driver on the host computer.

Key Features


The USB circuit board (DW824) is a small (50mm x 30mm) board with a USB microcontroller. It is built into either the grip or the lower part of a full size JFx joystick.


Power to the DW884 is provided from the host via the USB cable.


The connector on the DW824 is a mini-B style USB connector.

Custom Software

If you have the need for customized software, this can be provided for a nominal charge for new firmware programming.


The DW824 uses the ST Micto µPSD micro-controller. There is also a 12-bit A/D converter to handle up to 8 analog inputs. There are connectors for up to 24 digital inputs.

HID Protocol

Communication with the host is with the USB HID protocol. For some systems (Windows XP) this means the DW824 will be recognized by the system and can be used with commercial software applications that communicate with HID devices.
You can also use system libraries to write your own software to communicate with the DW824.